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Hot Water Anode Replacement

Hot water anode replacement services

Hot water anode replacement for the local people

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Sacrificial anodes are devices that are installed on all hot water systems to minimise rusting of the system itself. As its name suggest, the anode attracts any corrosive elements in the water through acting as what is best described as a grounding electrode. The anode is continually eroded, thus saving other metal in the system from the destructive effects of corrosion.

This system works great until the anode has been totally eroded by the corrosive effects of the process, at which point the hot water system into which it has been installed will itself come under attack. Out of sight, out of mind tends to be the common attitude towards such systems. In the absence of a working sacrificial anode, the hot water system could be doomed to a total breakdown that results in you having to facilitate a costly system replacement.

The expert technicians here at Priority One Plumbing Services can replace the sacrificial anodes in your hot water system, quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your hot water supply.

Our reputation, combined with our ‘on the dot’ service, makes us the clear choice when trying to decide a company best equipped to replace the anodes in your hot water system.

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